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COVID-19 policies for Daisy Chain Book Co.

How is Daisy Chain Book Co. being COVID safe? Glad you asked!

Reports from the WHO (https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses) tell us that the virus can last on some surfaces for an unknown number of days but the potential transfer of the virus on packages delivered is low. Nevertheless, I have been extra careful with the exchange of books to readers by establishing a clean and contact-less method of getting your books into your hands.

Here's how:

1. Donated books are picked up from front porches, and then are left for 3+ days before they are processed.

2. When books are ordered, they are picked and wiped with disinfectant (as the cover material permits) and packed into bags/shipping boxes with hands that have been sanitized.

3. Books are delivered to front porches, and I use a "Ring & Run" approach to adhere to social distancing rules. Bag is placed on the porch and I ring the doorbell to let Readers know their books have arrived, and I wave at them from the curb. I sanitize my hands before touching each order and after each order has been delivered.

4. When the booktruck visits markets or events that follow AHS rules for safety and health closely, we also have our own rules for safety. In the booktruck, the restriction is 1 family in the truck at once.  If you share a home or bathroom, you can enter the truck together. Entrance is through the back of the truck and exit through the side door - we maintain a ONE-WAY traffic flow as much as possible. Everyone else waits outside with the expected 6ft social distance until it is their turn to enter the truck. Sanitizer is available before touching books.