COVID-19 policies for Daisy Chain Book Co. are in place... click HERE to read more!

COVID-19 policies for Daisy Chain Book Co.

How is Daisy Chain Book Co. being COVID safe? Glad you asked!

Reports from the WHO ( tells us that the virus can last on some surfaces for an unknown number of days but the potential transfer of the virus on packages delivered is low. Nevertheless, I have been extra careful with the exchange of books to readers by establishing a clean and contact-less method of getting your books into your hands..

Here's how:

1. Donated books are picked up from front porches, boxes and bags handled with latex gloves, and then donations are left for 3+ days before they are processed.

2. When books are ordered, they are picked and wiped with disinfectant (as the cover material permits) and packed into bags/shipping boxes with latex gloves.

3. Wearing latex gloves and an N95 mask, books are delivered to front porches, and I use a "Ring & Run" approach to adhere to social distancing rules. Bag is placed on the porch and I ring the doorbell to let Readers know their books have arrived, and I wave at them from the curb.