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Traveling Book Party


When the weather gets cold, its not fun to go out. Scrape off the car, deal with icy roads and winter drivers? No thanks.

Maybe you're like me and you'd prefer to stay at home, stay warm, invite the world to come to you instead. 

I get that.

So, I have created a relaxed, fun and convenient way for you to get your book-fix and enjoy time with your friends - without having to go anywhere.

The beauty of a Mobile Bookshop is wheels enable us to come to you.

What does a TBP look like?

  • Book Club
  • Birthday Party
  • Office Lunch
  • Dinner Party
  • Wedding
  • Just you, shopping in your PJ's in your driveway

Invite up to 6 friends or have a private, quiet shopping experience Just For You. Invite us to come and for one hour or more you will all get an exclusive shopping experience with music, lights and fun. 

So, you have nothing to lose - contact me at brandi@daisychainbook.co to schedule your exclusive Traveling Book Party now!