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100 Dresses: Ghost of a Chance

100 Dresses: Ghost of a Chance

Susan Maupin Schmid
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Hardcover - NEW

9-12, Series, Fiction, Fantasy

Inside an enchanted castle, there’s a closet - a closet with one hundred magical dresses that only Darling Dimple can wear. Each one disguises her as somebody else.

It turns out that Darling needs disguises. A thief is on the loose! Someone is causing an uproar among the servants - moving things around, stealing clothes from the laundry, and even pocketing Princess Mariposa’s jewels. Then Darling and her friend Roger think they spot a ghost roaming the halls. Could the culprit be a spirit? Can Darling and Roger get to the bottom of it all? With the help of the one hundred dresses, there just might be a ghost of a chance.