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50,001 Best Baby Names

50,001 Best Baby Names

Diane Stafford
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Softcover - Used

Non Fiction, Parenting 

50,001+ Best Baby Names is the essential resource you need to find the perfect name for your baby. This one-stop baby-naming shop is the most complete baby-naming book you can buy-including more than 230 lists of names you'll love (and those you'll love to hate!). 50,001+ Best Baby Names includes not only all of Hollywood's latest picks (think Apple) and modern trends in baby-naming, but also thousands of classic and traditional names that even Grandma will approve of. Creative lists, indispensable information and thousands of names will help you think of your baby's name in a new way. Includes: --Every name you can imagine and thousands more--Names teachers can't pronounce--Names that spawn difficult nicknames--Ugly names that are in, pretty names that are out--A place for mom and dad to list their favorites--Names celebrities give their babies--Names for Nobel Prize winners, artists, inventors and movie stars--And so much more!