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A Life on the Fringe: The Memoirs of Eugene Forsey

A Life on the Fringe: The Memoirs of Eugene Forsey

Eugene Alfred Forsey
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Non Fiction, Biography, Canadian 

Eugene Forsey was one of the most colorful, high profile Senators Canada has ever known. Born in 1904, he was a Rhodes Scholar, university teacher, research director, author, and acquaintance of many prominent politicians. Forsey also achieved an unusual form of national prominence as Canada's most prolific writer of Letters to the Editor, which have become well known as being witty, hard-hitting, and well-informed. Covering a wide range of events and subjects, including his early life; his student years at McGill and Oxford; his work for the Labour Congress, in the Senate, and in retirement; and including chapters on politics and politicians, these memoirs offer a rich variety of anecdotes and salutary opinions.