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A New Way to Cook

A New Way to Cook

Sally Schneider
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Non Fiction, Cooking

The title says it all. A New Way to Cook is the ultimate guide to cooking for the new century. It is an inspired cookbook that embodies the way we want to cook and feel today. For more than ten years, Sally Schneider has been experimenting in the kitchen and developing innovative techniques that maximise flavour and satisfaction in food and enhance overall well-being. Sally teaches us how to use the ingredients that were formally thought taboo, including butter, oil, chocolate, and sugar. There's no longer a need to separate foods into those that are bad for you and those that are good, into those you crave but can't have, and those you can eat in abundance but don't especially enjoy. Those categories will cease to exist. Food is about more than just eating, and likewise, A New Way to Cook is about more than just food. Sally's ideas exemplify a new way of being and a new way of thinking, forging ahead into a new era of living where pleasure is essential to good health. A New Way to Cook is cooking simply, easily, healthfully, and with pleasure to achieve the deliciousness and joy of sharing that food is meant to convey.