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Amanda Bright @ Home

Amanda Bright @ Home

Danielle Crittenden
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Trade Paperback - Used


Nothing prepared Amanda Bright for this: not her elite college degree, not her brainy friends, not her mother the feminist heroine. At age 35, she finds herself at home with two children, mopping spills and singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" again and again. It doesn't help that her husband's face is all over television, or that her best friend is dating a billionaire, or that every woman she knows seems to have a plastic surgeon and a decorator. While every-one else is racing up the ladder, it's getting hard for Amanda to remember why she left work in the first place. Set amidst the glamour and power of Washington, DC, Amanda Bright @ Home is a novel about status, ambition, marriage, jealousy - and a woman's struggle to discover the things that matter most. Mothers everywhere will laugh and cry with Amanda as she tries to make sense of her life - and discovers that success isn't always measured in the workplace.