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Crash! Bang! Boo! (Junior Monster Scouts, Bk. 2)

Crash! Bang! Boo! (Junior Monster Scouts, Bk. 2)

Joe McGee
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Softcover - NEW

5-8, Series

The Junior Monster Scouts celebrate The Village’s 150th birthday in the hilarious second chapter book of the Junior Monster Scouts series!

It’s The Village’s 150th birthday celebration! And that means bright lights, popcorn machines, a marching band, and a musical merry-go-round. But not if Baron Von Grump can help it! If he shuts off The Village’s electricity, there won’t be any noise or merriment.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, Igor Jr. was specifically told not to touch anything, especially “that lever.” But Igor Jr. didn’t listen, and now the lab is a clunking, clanking, crackling mess of gears, electricity, and lightning. Can Vamprya, Franky, and Wolfy - the Junior Monster Scouts - fix Igor’s mess and save The Village party? Or has the Baron ruined the fun for everyone?