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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Patricia Hickman
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Fiction, Series

Jeb Nubey hides a secret from his past that has left him alienated from his family and on the run from the law. Against his better judgment, a trio of siblings led by Angel Welby convince him to give them a ride into the town of Nazareth. But a storm and the loss of everything he owns forces Jeb and the Welby waifs to form an unlikely alliance, posing as a widowed preacher and his family. Angel thinks it's a match made in heaven. But Jeb is reliant on Angel to write his sermons, and the ruse of convincing the congregation of Church in the Dell they are legitimate threatens to unravel at any moment. Also unraveling are Jeb's feelings for the local schoolteacher, Fern Coulter, in this extraordinary tale of redemption. FALLEN ANGELS, the first book in the Millwood Hollow series, features Jeb Nubey and the inescapable Welbys as they come of age during America's turbulent years in a town called Nazareth.