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Dr. James Dobson, Kurt Bruner
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In the literary tradition of such dystopian novels as 1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Children of Men, A Clockwork Orange, The Handmaids Tale, Left Behind and The Hunger Games comes a futuristic fiction series which uncovers how present trends that will impact families in the not-too-distant future. In the first in the series, Fatherless, the 2040 census confirms an economic crisis caused by an aging population, intensifying underlying tensions between opposing cultural agendas. Julia Davidson, an award-winning journalist who is estranged from her "Breeder" friends, seeks to regain her former journalistic glory by reporting on this growing crisis. But doing so makes her an unwitting pawn in a larger plot. An outspoken critic of the values her friends embrace, Julia finds herself inexplicably attracted to the mysterious beauty they embody. Julia is also troubled by recurring nightmares that seem to have something to do with her absent father. She finds herself drawn to the quiet strength of a single man she meets while attending her friend's church.
To resolve the growing conflicts in her life, Julia faces choices that weigh personal and professional survival against an uncertain, dangerous future.