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Rosie O'Donnell
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Non Fiction, Biography

"I met Stacie for the first time in May. Her voice was meek and flat on the phone. She wasn't crying, but I heard it, the unmistakable sound of desperation. This was the first call, the single call that would change my life, and hers too, probably forever". Rosie O'Donnell's candid memoir is a topsy-turvy tale of mistaken identities and strange psychological illnesses that may or may not exist. As the bizarre relationship between Rosie and a girl named Stacie who called the adoption agency where Rosie volunteers unravels, so too does Rosie's own history, forcing powerful acts of remembering and reckoning. Through it all, we come to know the author at levels that grow ever more surprising - and sometimes shocking - as Rosie reveals to us not only the way the past transforms the present, but how a single stranger thousands of miles away can spark irrational longings, profound obsession and, finally, the opportunity to put these forces to work in a healing way.