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Fishing For Stars

Fishing For Stars

Bryce Courtenay
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Nick Duncan is a semi-retired, wealthy shipping magnate who live in idyllic Beautiful Bay, Vanuatu, where he is known as the old patriarch of the islands. He is grieving the loss of his Eurasian true love, Anna, and is suffering for the first time from disturbing flashbacks to the Second World War. So he puts pen to paper and tells the compelling tale of the life he has lived since his war-hero days - a life of adventure, ambition, and fortunes made and lost. A life that has had at its heart the love of two passionate and unforgettable - but very different women. The seductive Anna Til and the beguiling Marg Hamilton have spent a lifetime in contest for Nick's devotion. Nick remains torn between them, and struggles between their two opposing worlds of economic exploitation and environmental crusade - until he is called upon to referee...Moving between the exotic Pacific Islands, Japan and Australia over several decades, Fishing for Stars is an epic drama, and the stunning sequel to Bryce Courtenay's bestselling The Persimmon Tree.