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Heart Matters

Heart Matters

Adrienne Clarkson
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Non Fiction, Biography, Politics, Canadian

Adrienne Clarkson grew up in Ottawa after her family escaped from Japanese-occupied Hong Kong in 1942. Decades later, she returned to Ottawa to become Canada's 26th Governor General - a role transformed by her commitment and style. Clarkson reached out to Canadians everywhere, particularly to the North's aboriginal population, and forged a unique bond with the military. She refashioned Rideau Hall into a real home, and welcomed the public. But her determination to invest meaning in her official actions created controversy, and Clarkson reflects on the behind-the-scenes political machinations. Heart Matters is more than a public life remembered-it chronicles an astonishing life through triumph and turmoil. Remarkably candid and insightful, it is an extraordinary work by an extraordinary Canadian.