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Hell Is Too Crowded

Hell Is Too Crowded

Jack Higgins
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Fiction, Mystery

An engineer is caught in a lethal trap after he follows a beautiful woman home in this thriller from the New York Times-bestselling author of The Midnight Bell.

Matthew Brady was just out for a good time. After a long dry spell working in the deserts of Kuwait, the young engineer was ready to let loose in merry old London. So when a beautiful young woman drifts out of the fog and asks him to accompany her to her apartment, it seems like a dream come true for the happily muddled American.

His drunken dream soon becomes a waking nightmare when he comes to with the mysterious woman dead on the floor, the police ready to pin a murder on him, and absolutely no memory of what happened.

Running for his life, Brady knows his only chance for freedom is to clear his name. But to do so he will have to descend into the twisted London underworld, where money isn't the only currency, death is a final payment, and the man behind the set-up is waiting with a bullet just for him.

From the international bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed and the Sean Dillon series, this twisting mystery will keep you racing to the last page.