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KISS and Make-Up

KISS and Make-Up

Gene Simmons
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Non Fiction, Biography, Music

The paperback publication of KISS and Make-Up promises as much excitement as the hardcover generated in December 2001, with the book garnering reviews from publications such as TV Guide, The New York Times Magazine, and Rolling Stone, and Gene appearing on Today, The View, Opie & Anthony, The O'Reilly Factor, and many more media outlets. Coinciding with the release of the band's spectacular photo book KISS: The Early Years (see page 44), KISS and Make-Up features four collectible covers, as well as new text from Gene and additional photos his fans have never seen before.Taking readers through "KISStory" and tracing the band's rise to the pinnacle of rock, KISS and Make-Up tells the story -- in Gene's irreverant and unapologetic voice -- of how an immigrant kid from Israel became an American rock icon.