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L is for Lawless/ M is for Malice

L is for Lawless/ M is for Malice

Sue Grafton
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Softcover - NEW

Fiction, Mystery

Two alphabet mysteries in one from blockbuster bestselling author Sue Grafton

L is for Lawless

Call it Kinsey Millhone in bad company. Call it a mystery without a murder, a treasure hunt without a map, a quest novel with truly mixed-up motives. Call it the return of Kinsey as bad girl - quick-witted and quicksilvery, smart-mouthed and smart-alecky - poking her nose into everyone's dirty laundry as she joins up with a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde in an Our Gang comedy that will take her halfway across the country and leave her with a major headache and an empty bank balance.

M is for Malice

"M" is for money too. Lots of it! Malek Construction sprang up from humble beginnings into a $40 million company. The four Malek sons, now middle-aged, stand to inherit a fortune. Four men with very different outlooks, temperaments and needs, they're linked only by blood and money. Eighteen years ago, one of them - angry and in trouble - went missing. Now Kinsey Millhone is hired to track down the blacksheep brother. But when she succeeds in her assignment, the trouble begins. The prodigal brother is not welcome and the all-too-common outcome of familial hate is sometimes murder . . .