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Legacy of Silence

Legacy of Silence

Belva Plain
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Legacy of shame...Caroline Hartzinger fled wartime Europe with a shattered life and a devastating secret.  Pregnant and unwed, she arrived in America in 1939.  Joel Hirsch offered marriage and respectability, hoping one day to earn her love, if not the passion she felt for a man whose memory still haunted them both. With Joel, Caroline built a new life, determined to bury the past--until her daughter Eve brought Caroline's carefully crafted world crashing down again, driven by a rage to learn the truth....Legacy of secrets...It was Eve's turn now, a legacy that tainted her life and risked generations to come.  But with it came a gift--a new sister, young enough to be her own daughter, then a truth that would finally break the hold of the past....New York Times bestselling author Belva Plain creates an unforgettable story of a remarkable family--and a deception that reaches across continents, oceans and generations.