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Maigret's Christmas (Helen & Kurt Wolff Book)

Maigret's Christmas (Helen & Kurt Wolff Book)

Georges Simenon
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Trade Paperback - Used

Fiction, Mystery

A holiday feast for fans of Georges Simenon's most famous creation, Inspector Jules Maigret. This collection, containing nine of Simenon's best short stories, begins with a Christmas mystery: an otherwise sensible little girl insists that she has seen Father Christmas, a statement alarming to her neighbors, Monsieur and Madame Maigret. Indeed, the stories contain quite a number of observant and resourceful children, frightened yet resolute. A choirboy helps Maigret solve a crime while the Inspector lies in bed with a cold; another youngster, pursued by a criminal, ingeniously leaves a trail that keeps Maigret in touch with him. No fewer than four of the stories have youthful heroes who bring out the paternal streak in Maigret and help give a delightful freshness to this collection - a cornucopia for Maigret fans.