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Measle and the Dragodon

Measle and the Dragodon

Ian Ogilvy
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Fiction, 9-12

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This is the second exciting adventure story about Measle, following on from Measle and the Wrathmonk. In this story Measle is up against not one Wrathmonk, but a whole gang of them. Measle and his dog, Tinker, also have to outwit numerous fairground creatures which come alive in a most alarming way, plus the evil Dragodon and his dragon, Arcturion. Will Measle be in time to save his mum from the Dragodon's evil clutches? Can he triumph once again?* High-Profile author - Ian Ogilvy is an actor best-known for his takeover of the role of The Saint from Roger Moore* Quirky black and white illustrations by Chris Mould bring the story vividly to life