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Miss Marple Omnibus: Vol 1

Miss Marple Omnibus: Vol 1

Agatha Christie
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In this volume there are four of Agatha Christie's 12 Miss Marple novels - ' The body in the library' where Miss Marple is invited to solve the mystery of a body found in a library; 'The moving finger', some people of a little city started to recieve hate-mails when one of them commit suicide, is it work of a poison pen?; 'A murder is announced', a newspaper announces the time and place of a forthcoming murder, unable to resist a crowd begins to gather at the appointed time when the lights go out; and ' 4.50 from Paddington', as two trains run together, side by side, Mrs McGillicuddy watches a murder, then the other train draws away, with no other witnesses, not even a body, who will take her story seriously?