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My Little Pony: Friends Forever Omnibus Vol 2

My Little Pony: Friends Forever Omnibus Vol 2

My Little Pony
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Softcover - NEW

Graphic Novel, 9-12

Celebrate the magic of friendship in these stand-alone tales featuring all of your favorite characters! When Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie team up with their friends, there's nothing that can stop them!

Come along on adventures with Spike, Gilda, Zecora, Princess Luna, Mayor Mare, Big Macintosh, Discord, Babs Seed, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, The Cakes, and Princess Celestia! Learn all about the magical land of Equestria, and the power of teamwork, honesty, and bravery!

Collects issues #13-24 of the Friends Forever series.