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My Story, My Dream

My Story, My Dream

Celine Dion
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Non Fiction, Biography

Personal story of world famous singer, telling of her childhood and growth to superstardom. Celine Dion is one of the world's most popular singers. She sang to open the last Olympic Games; she sang the Titanic theme song; she fills stadiums; all her albums are bestsellers. But here she tells her own story. She has sung in public since she was 13, and has worked since then to build her career. Now she is taking time off -- to be herself, to be with her husband, her manager and her friend who has recently been ill, and to write her book. The fourteenth child of French-Canadian parents, Celine Dion was born into a musical family where her brothers and sisters were already performing and recording. She was only 12 when Rene Angelil heard an amateur cassette of her singing, and, already an established manager, took her on. As she grew up, their love developed and Rene has always been the only man in the world for her. But in Spring 1999, he was discovered to have cancer. Together they are fighting it and while 'the show must go on', Celine Dion is spending as much time as she can with him.
All the Way tells, with Celine Dion's customary directness, her attitude to her own looks and her love of fashion; her reactions to what is written about her, and to her fans; and her pain and fear, hopes and dreams. All the Way will delight all Celine Dion fans, but will also inspire many readers with her love and her strength in the face of such difficulties.