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Oyster Blues

Oyster Blues

Michael McClelland
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No description really does this book justice - only reading it does. But let us say this is about a man, a woman, a boat, the mob, guns, oysters and a mysterious coffin. This fast-paced and funny thriller, to quote the author, 'was inspired by a blood-thirsty deerfly that once came after me on an otherwise pleasant North Florida beach. I found myself doing the beach-bug shuffle-step, slap, swat, step a little faster - and wondering if the locals carried that walk with them wherever they went. If one of those locals, say, a bright but unhappy waitress from an Appalachicola oyster bar - took that walk south to Miami, what would the big city make of her? And what would she make of the big city? Would she be enchanted, or would she come down with a bad case of Oyster Blues?' OYSTER BLUES is all fun, with memorable and quirky characters, including our heroine, Jane Ellen Ashley, a dirt-poor oyster-schucker with electric blue eyes who loves nothing more than to read - until she meets Happy Harry Harper and then the games and suspense begin.