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[spooks] Harry's Diary: Top Secret

[spooks] Harry's Diary: Top Secret

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Read the innermost thoughts of the enigmatic leader of the Spooks team, Harry Pearce, in Headline's second, fantastic book about the hit BBC television series. Harry Pearce is the enigmatic leader of the Spooks team. Mature and wise with unrivalled experience of dealing with the most senior members of the government and the intelligence community, Harry also has a healthy regard for courage, lateral thinking and mischief-making. Unknown to the rest of the team, it will come to light that Harry has been keeping a diary throughout his career at MI5. Whether this was eventually intended for publication or not is unclear, but it will chronicle in minute detail exactly what Harry was doing in his early career and how this lead to him heading up the Spooks team. It will also fill out the back story of what Harry thinks about the major operations that we have seen played out on the screen and what he has done to help his team behind the scenes. With topics ranging from what mission Harry was on in Northern Ireland to how he felt when Tom left and Danny died, HARRY'S SECRET DIARY will prove to be a fascinating insight into the world of Spooks.