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The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

Allan Folsom
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The future of the thriller begins here. The time is now. In Paris, an American surgeon named Paul Osborn sees the man who murdered his father - and tries to kill him. In London, a renowned homicide detective from Los Angeles on assignment to Interpol investigates a baffling series of decapitations. In Geneva, a beautiful medical resident begins a love affair that will change her life forever. In New Mexico, a physical therapist is invited to accompany a very special patient back to Switzerland. And in Germany, a select group of industrialists prepares for a momentous celebration ... Deftly weaving together these disparate events, Allan Folsom reveals an international conspiracy of apocalyptic dimensions, a sinister cabal that will lead Paul Osborn on a heart-pounding chase across Europe - and keep you riveted, turning the pages long into the night. Here is the most stunning fictional debut of the decade, a roller coaster of a novel that will leave you breathless with excitement. From the jolt of the opening scene to the harrowing finale in the Swiss Alps, The Day After Tomorrow takes suspense fiction to a whole new level of intensity. It's an unforgettable adventure. A passionate love story. A titanic battle against evil. A novel that truly reinvents the thriller.