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The Lost Throne

The Lost Throne

Chris Kuzneski
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The hardcover debut of national bestselling author Chris Kuzneski, author of Sign of the Cross, Sword of God, and The Plantation.In 1890, a man collapses near the Piazza della Santa Carità in Naples, Italy. Strangers manage to revive him, but he is unable to speak. Police carry him to the nearest hospital, where he is not admitted because he has no money or identification. Frantically trying to communicate, he scribbles notes in ancient Greek and German that would have told the world about a discovery of immense importanceif anyone had read them. . . . Reaching from the wonders of ancient Greece to a harrowing quest in modern-day Europe, The Lost Throne features Jonathon Payne and D. J. Jones, former members of a top secret, very special unit of the armed forces. Now as private citizens they still get recruited from time to time for the most delicate and dangerousmissions. Payne and Jones must race to recover the lost treasure that could rewrite history, before it is destroyed by a group of men who will stop at nothing to conceal the secret.