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The Petal Club - 2 New Books for $46
The Petal Club - 2 New Books for $46

The Petal Club - 2 New Books for $46

Daisy Chain Book Co.
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A flower without petals is lacking. Your bookshelf without new books is kind of like that.

We want to help you build a beautiful library - Welcome to The Petal Club!

The Petal Club means you are building your library, creating an impressive collection of titles, chosen by us from your suggested preferences.

For more voracious Readers (our favorite kind), you will receive 2 NEW books or 4 Pre-Loved books for the next 6 months for a monthly fee of $46.

Books can be mailed or delivered (costs for both are included). Pre-Loved books will be in "like new/carefully loved" condition. If you have already read the books or do not want them, you can exchange them at our bookstore for one you would prefer of the same price.

  • When ordering, specify Reader preferences (Genre, Authors, etc) in the Notes and our staff will choose books JUST FOR THEM!
  • If that month is a Birthday, Christmas or other special event, we can giftwrap it at no added cost

We believe that nothing should interfere with your desire for more great stories to read - so sign up today and be a member of Daisy Chain Book Co.'s Petal Club, or sign up a reader you love for a great gift that keeps on giving each month!