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The Reichenbach Problem

The Reichenbach Problem

Martin Allison Booth
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Trade Paperback - Used

Fiction, Mystery

Conan Doyle is on the run from his own fame. Sherlock Holmes's popularity has taken over his life and he sees only one solution-to kill him off. To do this, Doyle flees to Switzerland, to a picturesque village nestled beneath the imposing Reichenbach Falls. There he hopes to find anonymity, but even in this beautiful rural setting, peace eludes him when he finds himself drawn into the mystery surrounding the death of a fellow tourist.

All too soon, Doyle finds the finger of suspicion is pointing at him as the locals unite against the famous writer, convinced that the murder is Sherlock Holmes's
fault. But can the creator of the famous detective actually do the sleuthing himself? And is it possible that the character has influenced him too much? Sherlock Holmes has fascinated readers ever since he first burst into fiction, over one hundred years ago. In this novel, the first in a trilogy, we meet his author and discover the difficult relationship between them.