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The Singing Sword

The Singing Sword

Jack Whyte
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We know the legend: Arthur brought justice to the land that his forefathers carved out of the chaos of the fallen Roman Empire, a land that had known only cruelty and force. With the sword Excalibur, Arthur became England's greatest king. But legends do not tell the whole tale. Legends do not tell of the despairing Roman soldiers, abandoned by their empire, faced with the choice of fleeing back to Rome or struggling to create a last stronghold against the barbarian onslaughts from the north, and east. Legends do not tell of Arthur's great-grandfather, who marked the boundaries of an empire with his own blood. With THE CAMULOD CHRONICLES, Jack Whyte tells us what legend has forgotten: a history of blood, violence, passion and steel, out of which was forged a great sword, and a great nation. As the Dark Ages fall over Roman Britain, a lone man and woman fight to build a last stronghold of law - a crude fort, which, long after their deaths, will become a great city, a fort known as Camelot.