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True Blue (Hannah Montana #13)

True Blue (Hannah Montana #13)

Laurie Mcelroy
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Soft Cover - Used

Children 9-12, Series

Miley Stewart looks like a regular girl-next-door, but when the lights go down, Miley is teen pop sensation Hannah Montana! Off stage, Miley wants her life to be as normal as possible, so only a few people know the truth about her dual identity. But keeping that secret is harder than Miley ever thought it would be. Hannah Montana #13: True BlueMiley and her best friend Lilly have a major falling out when Lilly doesn't ask Miley to join the flag football team. Their friend Oliver decides the best way for the girls to work it out is to talk, so he handcuffs the two of them together-then accidentally loses the key! Plus, when Miley and Lilly start their first day at Seaview High, everything is going great-until Miley receives a text from someone who knows her secret identity!