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True Images Devotional

True Images Devotional

Amber Rae
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90 Daily Devotions for GirlsWhen you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see what you're lacking---what the world tells you a girl needs in order to be beautiful? Or do you see your true image---the way God sees you, your true beauty? We all know how difficult it is to feel beautiful in a culture where we're bombarded with images of what everybody says 'beauty' is. So how are you supposed to view yourself the way God sees you? The way God created you to be?The True Images Devotionalwill help you begin seeing yourself the way God sees you---as one of his beautiful daughters. In this daily devotional you'll read about Bible characters who display inner beauty and possess hearts that God finds lovely. Each devotional contains a verse from the True Images Bible, along with the devotional thought for the day. In addition, there's another Bible passage to read, a prayer, and space to journal about what you've read. When you spend time with God each day---and learn what is truly beautiful---you'll find that you're filled with beauty that's beyond measure...and beyond compare!