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Uncle John's Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader

Uncle John's Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader

Bathroom Readers' Institute
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Trade Paperback - Used

Non Fiction, Humor

The mad scientist at the Bathroom readers’ Institute have been working night and day to bring you the all-new 18th edition of our best-selling classic series – a family favourite for nearly two decades.

UNCLE JOHN’S FAST-ACTING LONG-LASTING BATHROOM READER will cure chronic boredom, calm the hungry mind and relieve your aching funny bone as you absorb these fun and fascinating pages. As always, the contents are divided by length; Quickies, for the reader on the go, Medium for a regular stay, Long if you’re staying a little longer, and an Extended-Sitting Section for those leg-numbing visits.

- Weird Beauty Pageants
- The Great Pig War
- Robots in the News
- The Strange Fate of Murderous Mary
- Origin of Nachos
- Curse of the Little Rascals
- Birth of the NFL
. . .and much more.
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