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What Goes Around

What Goes Around

Alexandra Carew
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In this deliciously witty, delightfully wicked debut novel, Alexandra Carew introduces Cat Wellesley. Unlucky in love, unluckier in everything else, she's about to learn that what goes around, comes around... If there's such a thing as paying your karmic dues, Cat Wellesley is working off debt from several really bad past lives--like Vlad the Impaler bad. How else could she explain the twisted road that took her from rising industry hotshot through a humiliating break-up with her boyfriend to a lowly temp job at a boring London investment firm? Stuck in the going-nowhere-fast lane, Cat's only escape lies in juicy office gossip with her mates and steamy private fantasies where her gorgeous boss plays a stirring role. Determined to turn her luck around, Cat is searching her horoscope, phone psychics, self-help e-mails, and the universe itself for signs to a better career and a possible Mr. Right. And just when things can't get any more confusing, along comes a man Cat thought she'd left behind--and a chance to get ahead that could be her salvation or her undoing. Now, in a hip London world of fast-paced business deals, sexual misconduct, missed opportunities and chance meetings, Cat's high-flying past is about to collide with her out-of-control present, and the happiest of accidents might just be waiting around the next corner...