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What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear

Susannah Constantine, Trinny Woodall
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Non Fiction, Reference, Beauty/Fashion

Best Friends Won't Tell You The Truth... But Trinny & Susannah Aren't Your Best Friends. In matters of style you have to be cruel to be kind. "Blondes and shiny fabric equals hooker." "The top is a disaster. Unless you're four years old." "No one looks good in a track suit--not even Madonna or J-Lo." "Cropped pants make any woman look like a stunted man." LOOKING GOOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FASHION TRENDS. IT'S ALL ABOUT WHAT NOT TO WEAR... "We're not shy of making criticisms, " says Susannah. "But we wouldn't say, 'You've got a great fat butt--end of story.'" What Not to Wear is a book of hands-on advice and straight-talking guidance that is all about personal style--dressing for your body shape and personality. So what's your problem?