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Workin' Our Way Home

Workin' Our Way Home

Ron Hall
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Non Fiction, Christian

"I saw his face." Deborah Hall's words launched the destiny of two men from very different worlds. Ron Hall was an international art dealer with upscale tastes; Denver Moore was a homeless drifter with a dangerous past. Millions have read about their unlikely bond through their first book, Same Kind of Different as Me-a New York Times bestseller and now a major motion picture.

Workin' Our Way Home describes the ten years Ron and Denver lived together after Miss Debbie's death. Written in both Ron's and Denver's unique voices, their inspiring (and often hilarious) adventures include:

Their sometimes-bizarre life together in the Murchison Mansion,
Denver accidentally almost burning the house down-twice,
The challenges involved with making a movie,
Two visits to the White House,
Travelling the country to raise awareness about homelessness,
And much more.

With both wit and wisdom, these pages reveal God's plan lived out through these men and those closest to them, including their passion to fulfill Debbie's dream of easing the pain and humiliation associated with homelessness, poverty, and inequality.

"Whether we is rich or whether we is poor, or somethin in between, this earth ain't no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless-ever last one of us-just workin our way home."

-Denver Moore