Book Donation Info

 Do you take books for donation?

Yes, we do! When people donate previously owned books to our store, we offer a store discount of previously owned books in gratitude. For example, if we accept 10 donated books, you receive a coupon card for 50% off up to 10 previously owned books (prices that end in .99). Like a coupon, this is a one-time use card. It does not expire.

To keep the prices of our books low, we do not pay money for previously owned books. 

What are the donation guidelines?

  • We are currently accepting up to 20 books at a time.
  • We accept books anytime Mon-Fri. No appointment required.

We ask that before you bring books to the store you consider whether or not they would be appropriate for our shelves. We are very picky about the condition of books we offer to our Guests. If you would not give a book as a gift, please do not bring it to the store. We have begun instantly rejecting books that are not in shelf-worthy condition.

        We DO accept 

         Books in good, "shelf-worthy" condition from all genres, for all ages  

         We do NOT accept 




         Damaged books (by smoke, water, etc) that are not “shelf-worthy” in appearance

         Coffee Table Books/Large Photo Books

         Art History books

         Murder mystery novels (we have too many)

         Library discarded books

         Pocketbooks/Mass Market Paperbacks

         Titles by Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel

         Hardcover books without a jacket cover

         (if these items are donated, we will send them back with you)