Local Author titles for consideration

You wrote a book? Congrats! Whether you are self published, or have gone through a local publisher, you may have one thing in common with most local authors we speak to: you aspire to see your books for sale on the shelves at their local bookstore.

Although we are predominantly a store that stocks previously owned books, we do provide some new titles and a limited number of carefully chosen Local Author (LA) titles. We sell LA titles on a consignment basis once they have been determined valuable for our reading community. We have learned the hard way that not all self-published or locally written titles are shelf-ready and appropriate for our customer's precious dollars. Many have had glaring editing errors, lack proper formatting, or have not gone through much needed story proofing.  


As a small business, we are responsible for providing our customers with the best quality for the dollar they entrust to us, and we have heard some disappointing feedback from readers who have spent good money on a book that was not ready for purchase. So, if you have a professionally prepared book we will accept one copy of your book and have our proofreader look at it to determine if it is something our community will be interested in. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, this could take 4-8 weeks. At that point, we will let you know if we are requesting more copies and wish to proceed with a Consignment Agreement, or if your single copy is available for you to pick up. Your book can be dropped off at the High St. store with your name (not your pen name), phone number, and email address at your earliest convenience.

We are only accepting books from authors in the Edmonton/Beaumont area - any requests from authors outside of this region will not be considered.

LA books have been given prime real estate on our display shelves and we have had the pleasure of inviting LA to events and in-store signings to promote their work. We work in partnership with LA to sell their books - it must be a shared marketing endeavor in which the LA posts and promotes the book's availability at our store and is willing to attend in-store events. LA that do not have an active social media presence or author website to generate sales as part of a shared endeavor will not be considered.

Please review the consignment considerations provided by the Canadian Independent Bookstore Association to determine if your book is ready for purchase, and if our shop is the right fit for your ideal reader.

*All emails sent to us in regards to LA books will be referred to this page, so please read carefully before sending requests