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What We Value


1) Our Footprint

  • We believe we have an obligation to not add any more garbage to the Earth. By recycling your treasured books and placing them in someone else's hand, we continue the cycle of sharing items and not just adding more items to the planet. By sharing, we keep the cycle going.
  • We will not send you away with any garbage - no printed receipts, no plastic bags. We encourage you to bring your own shopping bag - we all have them in closets or trunks already! We will provide digital receipts. We will offer you a bookmark that you may use over and over again, or you may refuse it and walk away with only your new books.

2) Community


  • We believe in the connection between people. In a digital world, we have lost the face to face human exchange, and there is a longing in our neighbourhoods to know each other and be known by others. Clicking online removes us from humans, so we believe in coming to you and giving you a chance to have a real exchange of smiles and moments. By coming to your community we offer something fun and exciting to where you are - and hope you can discover new moments with friends you haven't met yet.
  • We believe in Book Clubs. By coming together over stories, you are able to discover new friends and new authors you may have otherwise overlooked. Whether you have an in-depth discussion about the book or get together and have wine and snacks and barely mention the book at all - YOU ARE GETTING TOGETHER, and used books to do so. People are better in community, and we want to help by offering Book Club options for you and find reasons for connecting with new friends.
  • Through Social Media, we want to have discussions about books, authors, Book Clubs and anything readers want to talk about. The connection does not have to end when our truck rolls away. 

3) Breaking the Tape

  • When running a race, only one gets to break the tape at the finish line. Daisy Chain Book Co. is an innovative idea, an out-of-the-box way of doing something we have always done - buying books. We believe that just because it hasn't been done does not mean it shouldn't be. We are determined to change the way you think of buying books. We want to excel at doing something new: breaking the tape. We will continue to find new ways to bring books to you, and relieve you of the books you are overwhelmed with. We will grow and adapt to you and your needs.
  • Being a pioneer means doing things first - and we invite you along for the ride!