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Q: How do you determine the "Original Price" of the books?

A: Because books can be purchased at a variety of prices, and stores do various promos and discounts, the price of a book can change often, so it is very hard to determine what the original price should be. The way we determine the "Original Price" is by what price is posted on the book by the publisher on the back or the inside jacket cover, then we determine what would be the best value for you. Our prices are consistently less than our competitors because we believe that you shouldn't have to pay too much for a good story.


Q: If there is a book I'm looking for, can I order it from you?

A: I love that you asked that! Considering we are a used bookshop, most of our inventory is Backlist, meaning not current titles. We DO however, order new books from publishers and their suppliers so you cannot the books you want. Contact us to request titles and we will put them on a Treasure Hunter List if it is out of print or we will Special Order it for you if our suppliers carry it. When the title comes in, I will give you a call!


Q: How can I get the books I order online?

A: If you live in the Edmonton area or surrounding communities, I will deliver your books the same day or next for FREE, because frankly, I don't think you should have to pay for delivery.

If you live outside the YEG area, I ship books anywhere ion North America - shipping costs and delivery times are determined by Canada Post.

If you order books and want to come to a market or event that Daisy is attending, you can pick up your order when you visit the booktruck.


Q: How will I know when and where your booktruck will be?

A: Well, I certainly don't want it to be a mystery!! I will post my events and locations on our website - just click on CALENDAR at the top of our webpage for the latest comings & goings of our sweet booktruck. As well, Instagram (daisychainbookco), Facebook (@daisychainbookco) and Twitter (@daisychainbook) with the hashtag #herecomesDaisy