Q: Do you buy used books?

A: We only purchase new books from publishers and their distributors, but we do not pay for used books. We also do not offer direct credit or trade for books since we cannot assess them for a few days.

* For more information about donating books, please see "Book Donation Info" on our main page.

Q: If there is a book I'm looking for, can I order it from you?

A: I love that you asked that! Considering we are a used bookshop, most of our inventory is Backlist, meaning not current titles. We DO however, order new books from publishers and their suppliers every week so you can get the books you want. Contact us to request titles and we will put them on a Treasure Hunter List if it is out of print or we will add it to our next order if our suppliers carry it. When the title comes in, I will give you a call!


Q: How can I get the books I ordered online?

A: If you live in the Edmonton area, we will deliver your books within the next day or two for FREE (for orders over $10), because frankly, I don't think you should have to pay for delivery or wait to get them in your hot little hands.

Our delivery radius is 35 km from the store's location, so we are able to deliver to out-of-town readers within that limit. Keeping the prices of the books low is reliant upon us being wise about how we spend our time and manage our resources, so give us a couple of days to get your books to you and then you can start reading!

If you live beyond the 35 km delivery radius around Edmonton, I ship books anywhere in North America - shipping costs and delivery times are determined by Canada Post.

If you order books and want to pick them up in store, we will happily hold them for you and await you coming to pick them up when it's convenient for you. 


Q: What is your RETURN POLICY? 

A: If you have purchased a Previously Owned book (when the price ends in .99), then it is a FINAL SALE. If you'd like to bring it back, we would consider it a donation and give you 50% off another Previously Owned title.

If you purchased a new book (when the price ends in 0), then you can bring it back with proof of purchase for store credit within 7 days of purchase date. If you don't have a receipt, then we will consider it a donation, and give you 50% off towards another title.

Non-book items (candles, tea, puzzles, totes) are FINAL SALE.

The Returns Policy is written on the bottom of every POS receipt.


Q: What can I expect from a USED book?

A: A book that has had a previous owner may have been read delicately or not at all. Sometimes it has been used for study or personal use. Some people make markings inside their books and some people fold down the corners to mark their pages. Many books that have been previously owned have never been read before. So when we say a book has been Used, or Previously Experienced, it implies that there may be some wear and tear that shows the book has had a life before you found it on Daisy's shelf. But you're a smart cookie, you know that!! Each book that we stock is of quality and value that we are proud to carry and offer to you. We do our best to notify you if a book has any minor damage or markings that would impact your desire to purchase it, but some evidence of previous ownership should be expected.

Q: I heard that you swap puzzles, what does that mean?

A: With COVID keeping us at home, we all seem to have an abundance of puzzles that we won't do again and don't know what to do with. So, in keeping with our mandate to be Good For The Environment wherever possible, we offer a complimentary Puzzle Swap for our community!

  • Bring in 2 or more Adult puzzles, and take up to 2 puzzles from our Swap section
  • All puzzles that come in will quarantine for 3+ days before they can be put out for Swapping
  • 1st come, 1st gets - NO HOLDS
  • you get what you get and you don't get upset - the condition of the puzzle is unknown, take at your own risk