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Don't Blink

Don't Blink

James William Patterson, Howard Roughan
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A TOUGH REPORTER WHO LOVES HIS WORK . . . AND THE WOMAN HE WORKS FORAfter a dangerous assignment, magazine reporter Nick Daniels deserves to rest. But his editor, Courtney, asks him to conduct an exclusive interview with an infamous bad boy. It's an offer Nick can't refuse, and he will do anything for his beautiful boss . . . who's engaged to the magazine's wealthy owner.ALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN THEM IS THE MOB, A BILLIONAIRE . . . AND UNKNOWN PLAYERS WHO WILL DESTROY THEMNick's interview goes to hell when a man is viciously killed in front of him and he captures a key piece of evidence. The Mafiahit quickly triggers city-wide bloodshed. With the NYPD, district attorneys, and the FBI after them, Nick and Courtney are caught in a war for power that reaches the highest echelons of politics and crime. Trusting no one, Nick only knows that someone very powerful desperately needs him dead . . .