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Every Dream Interpreted

Every Dream Interpreted

Veronica Today Ph.D.
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Softcover - Used

Non Fiction

Every night we all enter the mysterious world of dreams and what we find there is often intriguing, shocking or even distrubing at times. What do dreams mean? Can they help solve problems? Can dreams help you know yourself better? This book answers your questions and helps you unlock your own dream secrets. Every Dream Interpreted is unique in that it combines the popular "dream dictionary" format with answers to the questions that people always ask about dreams. The question and answer section is based on the author's experience of answering questions on dreams in situations that range from the University lecture hall to the radio talk show phone-in. In the dream dictionary the author combines research by psychologists, anthropologists and mythologists to describe the meanings that have been associated with all the symbols that appear most frequently in dreams. You can easily dip into this guide at random or look for the explanation of a particular dream or symbol, but you'll also find plenty of substance for a fascinating in-depth read.