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I Remember Bobby Jones

I Remember Bobby Jones

Mike Towle
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Non Fiction, Golf

Long before there were Tiger Woods, television, and tournaments with million-dollar purses, Bobby Jones was the most recognized and revered golfer in the world. Memories of Jones continue to burn brightly, as does his indomitable legacy and influence. Nearly thirty years after his death, Jones remains president-in-perpetuity of the Augusta National Golf Club, which he co-founded, the host venue of the annual Masters Golf Tournament. Jones's record stands as a landmark in golf history. By the time he retired from competitive golf in 1930 at the age of twenty-eight, he had won four U.S. Opens, three British Opens, and five U.S. Amateur titles -- all without ever earning a dime for any of his triumphs. Jones's status as the greatest amateur golfer ever was clinched in 1930 when he won the U.S. Open, British Open, U.S. Masters, and British Amateur. That made him the only golfer ever to win all four Grand Slam events in one calendar year. In I REMEMBER BOBBY JONES, dozens of his fellow golfers, journalists, golf industry leaders, friends, relatives, and followers of the game share their favorite memories of him. The portrait is of a man and champion who embodied sportsmanship and brought the words classic and golf together in one phrase.