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Math Workbook - Grade 1

Math Workbook - Grade 1

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Tinker, make, and engineer to learn through play! With TinkerActive Workbooks, learning leaps off the page and into the real world. Start with interactive and entertaining exercises that cover the essential first grade math and problem-solving skills. Then, apply what you’ve learned in exciting hands-on tinkering, making, and engineering activities that utilize only common household materials and encourage kids to learn through play. Plus, the charming cast of characters, the MotMots, guide kids through every new concept with cheer and humor. Once you've completed the workbook, unbox a collectible magnet badge hidden in the back cover!

This workbook covers:
• counting to 120
• place value
• addition & subtraction
• word problems
• telling & writing time
• comparing 2-digit numbers
• equations & unknown numbers
• measuring & comparing lengths
• data
• composing & dividing shapes