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Searching For Terry Punchout

Searching For Terry Punchout

Tyler Hellard
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Adam Macallister's sportswriting career is about to end before it begins, but he's got one last shot--a Sports Illustrated profile about hockey's most notorious goon, the reclusive Terry Punchout--who also happens to be Adam's estranged father. Adam returns to Pennington, Nova Scotia, where Terry now lives in the local rink and drives the Zamboni. Going home means drinking with old friends, revisiting neglected relationships, and dealing with lingering feelings about his father and dead mother--and discovering that his friends and family are kinder and more complicated than he ever gave them credit for. SEARCHING FOR TERRY PUNCHOUT is a charming and funny tale of hockey, small-town Maritime life, and how, despite our best efforts, nothing can save us from becoming our parents. "An assured debut, wryly funny, and if it doesn't exactly carve any new ice, I'm still ready to count it as a quiet triumph."--Literary Review of Canada"It doesn't take much to get me to read a novel featuring hockey and a guy named Terry, but Tyler Hellard's stellar debut hit me like an errant stick to the head. A big story set in a small town, by turns funny and sad, moving and melancholy, SEARCHING FOR TERRY PUNCHOUT stays with you long after the final buzzer.