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The Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet

Bob Greene
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Non Fiction, Health

The Best Life Diet addresses all the things that conspire to make us overweight; since most people find the biggest issue they have is controlling their eating, diet takes the centre stage in this book. Based on a wide variety of satisfying, nutrient-rich and easy-to-find and prepare foods, this diet takes into account that eating is one of our greatest pleasures; you can love to eat and still live happily if you follow his advice. Greene is committed to his readers' success, so the book deals not only with nutritional needs but activity level as well. Greene will help readers understand their own body and what it really needs; of course calories count, but so does the balance of protein and carbohydrate you consume in relation to your real energy needs. So a couch potato should have a relatively lean diet of protein with fewer carbohydrates than a more active person, and an athlete needs more carbohydrates on a daily basis to fuel their higher activity level. Greene also encourages readers to understand and improve their emotional relationship with eating and food, a critical part in changing the way they eat for the better.