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The Broadview Reader (3rd ed.)

The Broadview Reader (3rd ed.)

Herbert Rosengarten
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Non Fiction, Essays

This new edition includes most of the essays that have made The Broadview Reader one of the most popular first-year textbooks in Canada, and adds 18 fresh selections. As before, essays are gathered into groups by topic, but the editors also provide alternative tables of contents by rhetorical patterns and devices, and by chronology. Each selection is followed by a wide range of questions and suggestions for discussions, and the reader also includes a glossary and biographical notes. Most of the new selections are of recent vintage, but in recognition of the degree to which “modern” issues often have a long and honourable history, the editors have also added several selections by nineteenth-century writers. Also, the reader now includes a full section on “Women in Society.” The book's balance of Canadian and non-Canadian writers has been maintained, as has the range of different styles and different essay lengths that are included. In all, the new edition includes 80 selections.