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The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make

Karma Brown
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Following her bestselling debut novel, Come Away with Me, Karma Brown returns with an unforgettable story that explores the intricate dynamics of friendship and parenthood

Hannah and Kate became friends in the fifth grade and have been as close as sisters ever since. Though still the best of friends, they now each have their own lives and loving husbands. While Kate has two perfect little girls, Hannah, though she's tried for years, is still childless.

When Hannah learns that she will likely never get pregnant, her heartbreak is overwhelming. But then Kate offers to be Hannah's surrogate - and is also willing to use her own eggs to do so.

Full of renewed hope, excitement and gratitude, these two families embark on an incredible journey toward parenthood...until a devastating tragedy puts everything at risk of falling apart. Poignant and refreshingly honest, The Choices We Make is a powerful tale of an incredible friendship and the risks we take to make our dreams come true.