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The Lipstick Chronicles: Book One

The Lipstick Chronicles: Book One

Lynn Emery
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Trade Paperback - Used


Get in on this hilariously sexy new chronicle of five women at work, at play, and in love... MEET... Elyssa, a successful CEO who doesn't skid to a stop over just any guy Alix, the gullible one still reeling after the perfect love of her life turned perfectly gay Dana, queen of the one-night stands, struggling with her new role as a "born-again virgin" Carole, worldly, wise, and a little weary after a 12-year run with her ex ruined her faith in the Y chromosome Robyn, flighty, fun, and way too optimistic for her own good Together, they make up Allheart.com, the online greeting card company where romance is more than just business. With lives in progress and love in limbo, they aren't asking for much. Just a decent man, a good cocktail, and a close friend. In the meantime, two out of three ain't bad...