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The Magical Match (The Fairy-Tale Matchmaker, Bk. 4)

The Magical Match (The Fairy-Tale Matchmaker, Bk. 4)

E. D. Baker
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Born to be a tooth fairy, Cory Feathering has been busy proving she's meant for another life - one of matchmaking!

It seems like everything is falling into place for Cory. Her uncle Micah is engaged to his perfect match, and she's lucky in love herself with her boyfriend Blue. She's excited to help prepare for the wedding, but when she hears of another marriage on the horizon – her mother's, to a goblin – she knows things might not go quite as planned. The fairy guilds have promised to leave Cory alone, but she knows they still don't agree with her lifestyle, so truly anything is possible. Add to that a witchy match that proves more difficult than usual and an upcoming Battle of the Bands - all while hiding that she's Cupid! - and Cory's got her hands full! In the end, will true love conquer all?