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The Worst Thing She Ever Did

The Worst Thing She Ever Did

Alice Kuipers
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Softcover - Used

Fiction, YA

Sixteen-year-old Sophie is convinced her life is OK now, if only she could just be allowed to move on from what happened last summer. Sure, her mother is crazy and all of her friends treat her as if she's made of glass, but she's FINE. She just wishes she could forget about Emily. And perhaps get Dan to stop making out with her best friend and start making out with her instead. When her therapist - whom her mum makes her go and see - suggests she keep a diary, Sophie realises that the panic attacks she's suffering from might, in fact, be a sign that she's actually not OK, at least not yet. Gradually, though, with the help of the new girl at school, and, eventually, her mother, Sophie finds strength in herself and those around her. And as she allows herself to remember, she also begins to forgive.